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Venus Lau is a cover model, movement coach and fitness trainer specializing in rotational strength & flow since 2007 and located in Los Angeles.

She has coached professional athletes, other coaches & movement professionals, celebrities, physical rehabilitation, kids, geriatrics, your average Jill & Joe, and everything in between.

Venus has also been a guest speaker to kinesiology students at colleges and universities, and was a NCAA Division-1 athlete playing golf at Baylor University.

Venus values strength at every angle and adaptability so we can move to live awesome body-mind-soul. She provides caring guidance and honest leadership as a coach.

She has created several online fitness programs — Strength & Flow, Beginner Concepts, Trifecta, Kettlebell & Flow (partnered w/ Oxygen Magazine) — and launched her own VenusFit subscription & app for accessibility to more students globally.

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Love what Venus has to say and what she does in the world of movement. I think I found a new love. I feel stronger and more embodied just 3 days in!

Venus is happy, skilled, authentic and easy to learn from. She’s helped me discover more internal enjoyment and appreciation of physical movement.

She is the most thorough and perfect instructor. I have come so far with Venus' programs & look forward to more.

Thank you for creating the Trifecta Program! I have been loving it. It has helped me to create a morning routine and begin journaling. It’s something I’ve always wanted to start, as well as breathwork, and the program has been a great tool to get me started.

Venus is an inspiration not only in my own practice but in life.

VenusFit has truly been the best decision I’ve made in my fitness journey. I’ve done every program you can think of, but never had a strong foundation. After 2 months of working on the moves you’ve taught me I feel incredible. Every day I’m able to do something I couldn’t before.

Just 2 weeks in I’m feeling major relief in my hip from prior injury. Less pain, more strength and stability. This rules! Very cool concept to gently challenge and wake up the muscles!

I’m so glad VenusFit isn’t some 30-day/60-day gimmick! I has depth and I truly think that most people would benefit from the program. VenusFit has helped me build consistency and finding joy in movement. The breathwork routines are simply amazing!

Venus has a wonderful gift in the way she teaches and her visualizations are easy to understand. I love the beginner program. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Wow, I never knew how out of sync I was. I never felt connected like this. Just the first lesson (in the Easy Start Program) has my body working together.